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Empowering Labs™ is a web products & services company specializing in achieving your business goals online. Our expertise includes web and mobile app development, online marketing, user experience design, and how to engage and keep your customers happy.

We are passionate about simplifying your life and work, by showing you how to market yourself and your business online.

We take an interdisciplinary approach — blending the practices of design, technology and branding — to create modern interactive systems. We care deeply about the web and its future. It has become a large part of our lives – entering our offices, living rooms and even our pockets. It is changing the way our world operates.

Empowering Labs™ is based in Toronto and we have a dedicated team of professionals spread all over the world, with experience working in a variety of international projects and languages. Our team members come from Toronto, California, New York, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Munich, Croatia, South Africa and South America.

Interested in working with us, or have a question? Feel free to contact us anytime.